action playset

Here is one of the first, perhaps THE first professional illustration jobs ever tackled by Steve Bissette. Long long LONG ago, way back when he was just a kid, Steve's dad made Steve do this artwork for the Official Bissette Markets T-Shirts. Steve can't remember exactly how much of this is the original clip-art his dad gave him to tweak, and how much of it is actual Steve Bissette artwork. It was a long long LONG time ago, details are fuzzy. Steve is pretty sure he drew the butter on the counter. What none of us can figure out is WHY he drew butter on the counter. He is also 100% sure he wrote "DICK" on the apron.

I love my Genuine Reproduction Imitation Bissette Markets T-shirt so much, I went out and bought the Bissette Markets Action Playset. Here I am with my countertop, my butter, my ham and my meat cutter.

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SRBissette said...

Hey, Mark, you look so much like my Dad in that photo, I want to KISS you! And -- moreover -- you voted for BUSH -- my Dad voted for NIXON! Why, the resemble is UNCANNY!!

BTW, the Action Playset you bought must have been the 1980s reissue, not the original. The original 1970s set featured a ham in a TIN packaging, and one of those white porceline-coated scales with a rubber mat flatbed for weighing (like the one visible at the right in the t-shirt art), not a steel meat-cutter.

But, still, hey, your recreation makes me want to go pump gas for Canadian skiers all over again.