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What is a blog anyway? Soapbox? Diary? Newsletter? Circle Jerk?

Newbies (yes, all two of you!): Don't expect much here. I had a little blog called jabberous on my website that got updated about every two weeks. Now I am playing around with this online blog, thinking I might post more since it's so simple and can be done from any computer. There are times at work when I am between jobs, or eating lunch, or whatever, and I might feel like updating. Or times at home when I am too fried to actually draw or do anything productive. Stuff like that...

Today I'll go with NEWSLETTER because I'm excited about this new project.

The first time I saw a comic by Mark Landman I was fascinated by it. How the - What the - How did he get all that cool looking STUFF in there??? I was totally ignorant of computer graphics, photoshop, all of it. Mark was on the cutting edge, and I had no idea the edge existed.

Here I am 15-plus years later collaborating on an illustration with him across cyberspace. We're passing this file back and forth, each building the digital painting one tiny step at a time. No goals, no deadlines, no plans, no restrictions, no shoes, no shirt, no service. I feel like I have arrived. The Stargates are opening! Welcome, Space Brothers! Thank you, Mr. Landman, for your inspiration and all that huggy stuff.

Here (above... I'm still learning how to use this blog) is a shot of how it looks now - very rough, we have barely started. When it is finished, it may look nothing like this at all. When will it be finished? When we both say "OK, I'm done." I have a desire to publish it as the back cover of an issue of RUNAWAY COMICS. That will probably happen - but possibly not. It will take a LONG time to finish this thing, and we are in no hurry. But it will get finished. Someday.

OK, that's it for today. HEY, ARDELL!


SRBissette said...

Hey, Mark, welcome back! This is great!

"Gooble gobble one of us, one of us!"

I'll keep reading --

Steve B

slatts said...

Okay so here's your new blog...nobody has asked me so far if I'm human. Good thing. Cuz I'm not sure I have the right answer. Maybe some of that voodoo juice they call coffee with shake some humaness into this zombie called slatts!

Wow! How did this thing know my name?

slatts said...

It knew my name cuz I once had a site here but I swore I trashed that sucker in disgust but....

Ben Burford said...

Well, I think I figured out how to do this blog thing after being chided by Pumpie.

I'm so proud of the whole Photoshop endeavor being that I love Photoshop more than Duke's mayonnaise (the secret of the South).