battle scars

Can you see it? I just laid my hand on the scanner, so it does not look as impressive as real life!

When I was cranking out comics 10 years ago, no wait, longer than that - anyway, when I was really cranking I had a wicked callous on my finger where I grip the pen. I really mash that sucker into my finger, I'm a real tongue-chewer.

Over the last decade I have not drawn as many comics, and my medal of honor slowly faded away to wussy softness like the rest of my hands. Working on the computer does not result in manly hands like wrangling cattle or mopping out peep show booths.

But NOW - today, in fact, I noticed that my callous is growing again! I'm feeling pretty tough, lemme tell ya!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your hands look so "dainty" when scanned.
What genius-looking fingers you have.

SRBissette said...

Judging by your rhapsodizing over Condi on Dobbs and my site, I'd say your callous isn't ALL that's growing.

Hey, scan the other side of your dainty l'il fingers. I've got some plans for them fingerprints of yours...