i'm not kidding about the car

YAY! eeteed got cranked! See yesterday's comments for some good old-fashioned eeteed fussin'!

YAY AGAIN! Somebody else besides eeteed asked about ME again! So it REALLY looks like people are talking about me! Thank you, Michele! When I sell my millionth copy of RUNAWAY COMIC (thanks to you helping make it look like I am FAMOUS!) I will buy you a car!

OK, so you want me to 'fess up about my day job, huh? Well, I think it's about time too! I find it very ironic that in an age where it is tres chic to be gay, a heterosexual man who enjoys brunch theater is still ridiculed! So I am coming out of the restaurant and into the parking lot! And racing my engine and squealing my tires!

But before I do that, let me just tell you that "anonymous" NICK is LYING! I do not wear a bow tie! I do not dress up like a silly clown at work, I dress very sensibly!

OK. Here goes.

Brunch Theater! That is what I do! It's just like dinner theater, only it's breakfast through lunch. It's much more exciting, because people are awake and fresh and alert, ready to start their busy day! Not tired and half-drunk and cranky. And the bright sun is shining through the windows, it's not all dark and gloomy. If you have never been to a Brunch Theater show you just don't know what you are missing!

This is the show I am in. I am very proud of it because I wrote it, I direct it, and I STAR in it! YES! Just call me George Clooney! Also, I want you to know that the poster you will see when you look at the link is a few years old. We recently had or 500th week, and there is no sign of this show ever stopping. You can pout about your Clinton economy and your Bush economy and your 401k all you want. I refuse to participate! Everything is rosey where I live and work because I am doing what I love!

I am also proud that we deal openly and honestly with some very tough women's issues.

I am glad this has come up. I am glad it is all out in the open now. I feel like Archer Prewitt! And I am here to say "The life of a cartoonist / slash / entertainer is the life for me!"


Michele said...

And when is the movie version coming out, with Nathan Lane playing YOU?

Michele said...

And I don't want a car! I want you to punch my frequent flier card! Twice!

Mike Dobbs said...

I have known Mark Martin for many years now. I am very proud to be his freind. He has a personality full of nooks and crannies not unlike a delicious Thomas' Englhis Muffin.

Test your own Mark Martin knowledge. Several of these statements are false. Which ones?

1. He's skilled on the autoharp.

2. He must eat dinner by 6 p.m.

3. He has watched several vintage Lum and Abner movies.

4. He doesn't own a bow tie.

5. He's a Budweiser man, but he isn't THE Budweiser man.

6. His two dogs are beautiful.

7. He loves the work of Joe Matt and other autobiographical comic artists.

8. At Cracker Barrel he likes to order just vegetables.

9. He enjoys a microwaved Moon Pie.

10. He has seen Rock City.

Bonus: Name Mark's sacred vegetable.

Mike Dobbs said...

Sorry about the typos.

eeTeeD said...

pumpkin (^.^)

SRBissette said...

Ah, shoot, I can't play. I know Mark toooo well.

SRBissette said...

Hey, Shirley Dimple -- are those dimples in your face, or your ass cheeks?

Though I must add, if any man could play "The Menstrual Queen," you'd get my vote, especially after this week.

eeTeeD said...

many thanks for your thoughts on my comments. though i don’t agree with them, i Do appreciate your taking the time to post your intelligent and insightful opinions. i’d like to share my thoughts on some of the things you said.
it’s not evil for a cartoonist to have a staff, but it IS evil of that cartoonist to exploit his staff. historically we’ve seen this happen many times. artists like ham fisher, bud fisher, al capp etc. who had ghost artists do all their work, while they took the lion’s share of the $ and enjoyed fame and fortune.
i also don’t agree that he who has the idea deserves the most credit and money. i guess i’m a firm believer that all people deserve their FAIR share. not an equal share, like communists believe; not however much you can screw your fellow man out of, like capitalists believe, but your fair share.
you mentioned disney in your comments, please let me point out that disney studio’s fortunes were made on mickey mouse. a character that disney did NOT create. he couldn’t even draw mickey mouse. disney DID have an idea though. he said in his early days (i’m paraphrasing here) that it was his goal to have a successful animation studio like paul terry. so here we have two men: #1 disney who has the idea to have a successful animation studio so he can be rich and famous #2 ubbe iwerks who created mickey mouse and who was an incredibly talented animator/artists, and whose hard work created the foundation of disney animation studios. is it fair the walt disney signed his name to iwerk’s works and took the lion’s share of fame and fortune? i would say no.
you also mention matt groening in your comments. if ever there was a cartoonist whose work is NOT suited for animation, i would have to say it is matt groening. look at his pre-simpsons comic strips. these strips are mostly composed of several panels with little to no variation in the imagery inside the panels. then the final panel of the strip will show some minor variation. yes, m.g. is funny, but his work certainly does not have an ANIMATED quality to it. personally, i think the works of an artist like MARK MARTIN are better suited to animation. the producers of the tracy uhlman show thought otherwise. they wanted to have an animated version of m.g.’s bongo character, but they also wanted rights to the character which m.g. was not willing to give. so while m.g. was waiting to have a meeting with these producers he made a quick doodle. this doodle became the simpsons. he literally put only a few seconds of thought and effort into this doodle. the simpsons we know and love was the creation of many persons. was matt groening a part of their creation? YES. were his contributions significant enough that he deserves the lion’s share of the fame and fortune? i would say no. is it moral and ethical for matt groening to sign his name to works that he has in no way participated in creating? again i would say no.
ideas are a dime a dozen. a dime a million. if you want to lay claim to something, i think you better darn well have contributed more than 10 second doodle, or in disney’s case nothing.
maybe it’s just a case of apples to oranges. i mean, i DO agree with you that it’s NOT evil for an artist to have a staff to help him create his works, but historically many artists have exploited their staffs- taking undo credit and unfair portions of the profits.

Janet said...

Gee...and I can say I knew you back when.... I have a photo of Mark Martin(in the 1980's)dressed as a Chiquita banana.

Anonymous said...

Hey, in regards to that "Do you know MM" stuff above.....do you still only take a crap on Sundays?

RHoward said...

Neato! How did you get Tom Baker (aka Dr. Who) to stand in for you?

RHoward said...

er, in my comment above I was referring to the Ages of Woman poster

Michele said...

Thanks eeteed, I agree, interesting discussion, although we don't agree it's interesting to see another POV. Mine is that I'm not an artist, I'm a fan, and one whose day job is mostly tied up with business n' contracts, so I'm all for the bottom line. (Just kidding. I'm a commie too, just ask Mark, I didn't even vote for Arnie!)
Let's talk now about artists who we like and admire- I'll start with George Herrimann- I just bought the Patrick McDonnell Krazy Kat book last weekend and hoo-wee! It messes with one's head to read those strips. What a freakin' jee-nee-yus!