stick tree

Some people at work wanted to see what I was talking about when I mentioned the stick tree, so here it is. This lousy photo does not adequately capture the beauty of the stick tree. Don't judge these photos on technical or artistic quality. I was in a hurry. This is a crappy photo of a beautiful stick tree.

In the lower right you can see the Teeny Weeny ornament that my friend Rick's mom made for me.

The third picture is an old picture that I found in the camera left over from the summer. I decorated the phone pole in front of the house for Soosahnah's birthday party. I tried to give The Rock away after the party, but nobody wanted him. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm not kidding.

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SRBissette said...

No Steve Austin fans at the party? Amazing.

What a lovely, lovely stick tree.

I'd like to STICK it up Condi's ass next time she's in Europe, lying. Oh well, at least the Yer-a-peein' diplomats were "satisfied" in the end with her explanations (what hooey!)...

Oops, sorry. I couldn't resist. At least I didn't fantasize about Steve "Stone" Austin and Condi doing -- ah, never mind.

Nice stick tree.