code red - andy rooney alert

Now that I have OSX and Photoshop CS and Firefox and all this "connected" crap, my computer is constantly connecting itself to the web and searching for updates and nagging me to update this and update that. I found the "updater" thing and trashed it, but apparently it rebuilds itself when you restart your computer. It's like those freaking horror movies where they kill the monster but it rares back up and jumps on them again.

Does anybody know how to kill this thing for good? All you Bissettes out there who are freaking out about the Bushees running your life - just wait til you get OSX! Or whatever the hell is causing this thing to nag me every other day.


SRBissette said...

Hell, Mark, I hate that shit more than anything. It's one of the reasons I avoid much online contact, and "updates," and have come to really hate that 'fat dog' banner ad for low mortgage rates on my email -- and the -- ah, what the hell, it's all pointless and time-wasting and suicide-inducing.

Anonymous said...

Hello MM!
Try this-

>Open the Apple menu/click on the apple logo- top far left on the top navigation bar of the Finder.
>Launch/Open "System Preferences".
>In the System Preferences window, find the "System" section- launch/open "Software Update"
>Choose "Update Software"- and UNcheck "Check for updates". (I have mine set for "Check Monthly", just na case.)

I am only using Sys10.3.9- which is Panther. I don't know if you are on OSX:Tiger, if that makes a diff, I don't know.

Much love and pumpkins!
-Holly (Six degrees of Kevin Bacon-ready?)
>Barry Crain's wife
>>Hilary Barta's ex-roomie

Oh, and two gifts for you-

Mark Landman said...

Ah, if we had OS X running things, it would automatically remove this administration as part of it's disk maintenance- sigh...

Michele said...

Okay, here's what you do, but for god's sake man, don't let them know you're doing it! It's as much as my life is worth to be telling you this, but... wait, what's that noise? ARRGHH ECKKK gasp aaaagggggh...

RHoward said...

You could just let it do its thing. Then you'd be safe in the knowledge that others that you don't know, whom you'll never meet, are out there watching over you and your computer making sure that you have the absolutely latest greatest whatever they want you to have.
(insert evil laugh here)

Marky Mark said...

It works. And it is so simple and so obvious! Oh well, if you have survived Barta and Crain, you know cartoonists can't remember how to spread mayonnaise without a refresher course.

Mark - if OSX will eliminate Bush during disk maintenance, will it also automatically download CONDI? Cuz that's a DEAL!

OK, Bissette, you go rescue Michele from Rhoward, and I think everything is back to normal.