ethics schmethics ("part the third")

I said I'd stop navel-gazing tomorrow, so I'll get this in today. Two posts in one day!

I just gotta 'splain why I just put Marky Mark Britches back online because I am in one of my little "moral quandaries". I'm sure politicians and wife-beaters will get a real kick out of the little things I fret over.

Posting MMB is a quandary for me on a couple of different levels:

1. I hate the "awards culture" and have even said so out loud in public. I'm not sure I can verbalize what irks me so much about it. It's just so ICKY! The whole cult of personality thing. It's so Hollywood. And it creates an atmosphere that seems plastic to me. And it's not really the best thing for art. Granted none of the comics awards have sunk as low as the grammies in promoting horrible art over good art. But give it time. The whole circus rubs me the wrong way.

Yet here I am, re-posting MMB so I can submit it to the - uh - one of those comics awards things, I have the e-mail at work. My publisher was kind enough to forward the info to me and suggest that I submit in the new "web comics" category. And since Fantagraphics is being kind enough to bankroll and promote my little excursion back into comics, I think I should put my dorky anti-establishment feelings aside and at least TRY to generate some buzz about myself and bla bla bla.

I'm sure this all academic, since one of those new young artists that gets published in SPX will get the dopey award anyway.

2. I took all that stuff down off my site so it would fade from the public memory and feel fresh and new if and when it sees the light of day again. Again, trying to do the best thing to help generate book sales. So is it really a good idea to post it again for the award gamble?

Eh. Who knows?


Mike Dobbs said...

Cute comic despite the further advancing of Scott McCloud as a "genius."


Everyone knows that Bissette is a genius. The Bellow Falls Vermont newspaper said so. I got the clipping right here. It's in the frickin' headline. When do you get genius status? I can't get it 'cause I'm just an old newspaper guy.

Screw the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys. I think you should get a "Bloggie."

eeTeeD said...

right now i am of the opinion that charles nicholas was a genius. i can't get enough of this guy's charlton work!

SRBissette said...

Hey, I got shit on my fingers today wiping my ass.

Do I have to relinquish "genius" status now?