funny head - great movies

No offense to this Cowhert guy, but when I saw this pic on yahoo I thought it was a CGI cartoon head! This guy has a perfect head for cartoons!

Well, once again I have been pegged as a guy who "hates practically everything". Hey, can I help it if so many things suck? Like Mike's list of movies he'd watch over and over - BLEAGGHH!!!

Let me show you how it's done, Mikey! Here is a list of movies that are truly worth watching more than once:

To Kill a Mockingbird
Plains, Trains and Automobiles
Cannery Row
BAMBI! Bambi, you fool!
ALL of the classic Disney toons
Terms of Endearment
Boogie Nights
Nothing to Lose
Hudsucker Proxy
Vernon Florida
The Jerk
Pee Wee's Big Adventure
The original Dirty Harry movie
The original Frankenstein and Bride of Same
All Monty Pythin movies
Runaway Train
Coal Miner's Daughter
any well-made lesbian anal porn
Roger Rabbit
Alien and Aliens 2
John Carpenter's The Thing
"Mr Dobbs, Managing Editor of a Major Metropolitan Weekly" written and directed by Mark Martin (not a joke!). Admit it, Mikey - it's BRILLIANT!!!

This is just a very very short list off the top of my head. There are TONS of wonderful movies out there. The problem is, there are exponentially MORE that suck. Like Gone With the Wind. Mikey is right about that one!


JR said...

Yes, Bill Cowher makes GREAT faces!

Dude, what's with your spelling today? You don't follow sports, so spelling his name "Cowhert" is excusable. But "Plains"? "Monty Pythin"? At least you spelled "lesbian anal porn" correctly.

My list of movies to watch over and over would include "Anchorman," which I watched over the weekend for the fifth or sixth time. Still funny!

Marky Mark said...

gimme a break, I spelled metropolitan!

Mike Dobbs said...

Ahem...your own wife calls you "Hatey Smurf."

And look we agree on Bride of Frankenstein and Monty Python,too.

But you didn't list any Nina Hartley movies!?

Do you still have "Mr. Dobbs, Managing Editor of a Major Metropolitan Weekly?" I thought you took it back to show it to various money boys for a distribution deal.

SRBissette said...

I like or love every movie on that list, Mark -- Don Siegel's DIRTY HARRY is tops (like most Seigel films), though it became fashionable to denigrate it. Good stuff.

But then again, I like or love almost every goddamned movie ever made. Mainline! Mainline! Time to go boot up --

SRBissette said...

PS: The recent BAMBI DVD from Disney (the original, not BAMBI 2) is a real beaut. Check it out. My second-fave Disney animated, next to PINOCCHIO.

Mike Dobbs said...

Oh yes...Disney generally sucks. Exceptions: Snow White, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Hercules. He didn't produce one short that has ever made me laugh, unlike Max Fleischer, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery and even Ub Iwerks!

My stance on Disney has made me real popular among animation fans. I didn't know that you liked the Disney stuff so much to rank it with Boogie Nights!

BonzoGal said...

I just bought The Animated Movie Guide by Jerry Beck, and I agree with most of his reviews, BUT- he gives the 1980s Disney flicks 4 stars (out of 4)! So he's saying that The Little Mermaid is equal to Snow White, or that The Lion King is equal to Spirited Away. Faugh, I say.

Speaking of Spirited Away, that's one I could watch over n' over.

eeTeeD said...

miyazaki is a genius. i like kevin smith's films. i like a lot of stuff that was made at the hal roach studios. i also agree that most everything stinks on ice.

nathan mazur said...

From what I've heard, Bill Cowher doesn't tip well at restaurants.