odds vs ends

Here's another work-in-progress peek at the magnum opus Mark Landman and I are working on. It has a home now! It's going to be the back cover of Runaway Comic #2, which will be the FRONT cover of Up & Atom (working title), an 8-page zine that will be a FREE BONUS in Runaway #2. See, I told you it was going to seem like agony waiting for each issue to appear!

Marky Mark Britches is gone from mm.net. Here's why: Like I said, I took it down because it was getting cobwebs, and I wanted to mothball it until the Big Fat Art Of Mark Martin Book is published. Remember? And remember how I re-posted it to enter it an a %#@%#! comics awards "Best Web Comic" category? Well, when I got back to the office and read the info CAREFULLY, I read that the comic really should be "published online" in 2005. Which sounds fair. Which MM Britches was not. So down it goes again. In its place I re-posted Taco Loco, which ain't even by me, and Joker's Wild, which is a cute li'l comic, but probably won't appeal to the "alternative comics crowd" like MM Britches will, what with its decapitated Scott McCloud and all.

It has been a while since I posted any Mail To Mark Martin, so here's one:
Well after seeing the website and reading "Teeny Weeny" , I am now happy to know I am not the only person mentally damaged from Batesville, AR. Anyway around the 23rd of Dec alot of old B-town folks are getting togather, while in town for holidays, so if you happen to be in town give us a holler!!

Mike Lemos sent me this wonderful music video. If you have not seen Total Crap yet, you must do so now. ASAP. I'm not kidding. It will open your mind. And stir it. Gently.

So will Li'l Peepers.


Shawn said...

So there's Taco Locos in Somerville MA and PA, connecting us all in a glittering web of beany goodness. Where's the origianl Taco Loco, where that comic is from, anyway?

Also: I do *too* like Joker's Wild. Your coloring always bowls me over.

slatts said...

Damn glad I got to read "MM Britches" on friday (when I shoulda been working on that damn WK? for you...d'oh!)....

That is a WORK of genius! Great story! Great Art! and Excellent Web-color!


See ya in the funny pages!