serious questions, serious answers

but first, a look at Monty's cool bed.

serious Mikey question:
Is Fantagraphics using the hook that a funny, humorous "comic" comic book is actually coming into the marketplace?

I don't think so, and I'd be uncomfortable suggesting that. I'd be saying, in effect, "Johnny Ryan and Ivan Brunetti are pretty lame. This stuff is REALLY funny!" Which I don't believe, and I'd hate to suggest it even if I did think other FG humor was lame. If THEY said they were finally getting some real humor out there, I would not stop them from saying it - but if asked about it I'd probably disagree. I do find some pretty good humor in some FG books.
And it would be kinda like McDonald's saying "You can finally get good coffee here".
I guess I'll just leave it up to fine journalists and managing editors of major metropolitan weeklies to say things like that about me!

Serious eeteed question:
Why doesn't m. m. make his own weekly animated cartoon show?

I am a perfectionist and would fuss over it too much. Please note that I don't claim to be a SUCCESSFUL perfectionist - in fact, it is NEVER perfect enough for me. I could never just do a loose sloppy cartoon like that Plympton one. I'd fret over that thing for at LEAST a couple of months. Also, I have a day job, a comic book, yadda yadda...
And I would never - EVER - do a cartoon for Kanye! I hate rap and I hate Kanye. I was very disappointed that I could not leave a comment on that site and correct all those idiots who think that Kanye song is good. I was very tempted to register and comment - but then I thought "screw it".


Mike Dobbs said...

Well then we have some work to do!

Mark Landman said...

"Fantagraphics using the hook that a funny, humorous "comic" comic book is actually coming into the marketplace?"-

I've heard this type of comment a few times recently, I wonder how many boring "slice of life" submissions Kim has had to wade thru in recent years? I wonder if they're getting a little tired of it?

Please don't let Runaway #2 be a 300 pg. examination of the lack of patriarchal love issues Monty ruminates on as he cleans the counter at his 7-11 job...

Marky Mark said...

I have to admit I hear ya! UGH on the Pekar School already!

I just wouldn't say my book is the "return" of humor. I'll cross my fingers and hope folks see it as a diamond in a shitpile though.

Don't worry about Monty. He ain't gonna worry about none o' that sissy stuff!

SRBissette said...

No, he's sweatin' wettin' the bed!

slatts said...

Howcum I feel like I'm coming in halfway during a conversation in these blogs? Or like I thought I was talking to artists but I think they're talking about plumbing?

I'm so confused! I'd go wet the bed if I too had a cool frog bed to soak!

Michele said...

I ain't an artist, and I like plumbing! And frog beds!