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I got chapter 3 (of 6) of the Monty Wart omni bust all scripted and dialogued while I was out romping. I also inked a whole page and penciled 6 pages. And wrote and sketched the next Nickelodeon Gag Station header. And took some pics of tons of cool stuff I will help Irene sell on eBay (pics coming soon!). And networked my ass off.

I just think you should know. Just like it is for Our Beloved President, a "vacation" for me is NOT like a vacation for a normal person. I am constantly working for you!

e-mail from Benny!

I look fat in that picture.
I, and other fat people like me are OUTRAGED!
You may post this on your "fattist" blog and all may enjoy a good laugh at the expense of those of us who are "differently bodied".
I had a friend, who THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN was what some may call "fat" who tried to attend "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway and HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT because she was CRAMMED into that TINY LITTLE SEAT that was probably installed in 1912 or so (as they mostly are) and was designed for a Mrs. Astor or a Mrs. Vanderbilt who had PEOPLE WHO COOKED NUTRITIOUS MEALS FOR THEM and not for HOI POLLOI who ate like REAL PEOPLE.
Look at all the beautiful "voluptuous" people who we have cherished for years: Totie Fields, Dom DeLuise, "Mama" Cass Elliott, Fred "Rerun" Berry.
Think again before you laugh at those who are JUST A LITTLE BIGGER THAN YOU.

Was you trip all right?? I worry so about you.


e-mail to Benny!

I am home and feeling fine. I fit beautifully into the airplane seat. I even had a little "wiggle room" - it was even kinda comfy!

I ate very sensibly at the airport - just a small ham and cheese deli sandwich and a small fruit smoothie. I did not want anything greasy or rich. I did not want to feel "bloated". It was just enough to make my tummy happy - not "crowded".

On the way home Jeannie insisted on stopping at Cracker Barrel. There I had 2 vegetables and some beef tips smothered in onions and mushrooms. It was a bit rich, so I only ate a little, and brought the rest home in a take-out container. I also brought home my second corn muffin. Jeannie ate both of hers, but I only ate one. I'll enjoy the other one at lunch tomorrow - no need to be gluttonous!

All in all it was a mild day. Very low-impact.

I have your mug RIGHT HERE! It is so ugly. You just wait - you will hate it. Show it to Becky and she will confirm - as a "premium" it sux.

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Anonymous said...

Gee willikers (sp), Mark. Sounds like you had a really swell time