I'm back from my roaming. Just wanted to say hi. I have a ton of stuff to yap about but I am pooped and Benny is over there napping in the nappy chair and his "zzzzz"s are knocking me out.

More later.

WTF? I am trying to upload a pic of napping Benny, but it won't upload. I'm trying to be all "realtime"!

I read something a few minutes ago about a blog meltdown on Mike Dobbs' blog. It was in a comment from Bissette on Dobbs' blog. What happened while I was out ignoring the internet and re-connecting with my inner child???

Well, you'll just have to take my word for it - Benny's over there snoring like a baby and I just took a picture of it. Oh well.


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SRBissette said...

Oh, what you missed. For Ben. Snoring.

I used to have a friend who, everytime he visited, would immediately crash on our couch, regardless of the time of day they arrived, and sleep and snore loudly for hours. It was tedious as hell.