an exquisite corpse

We found this digging the ton of crap out of Runaway Comics technical assistant Brigham Martin's room. Click to embiggen of course.

B = Brigham Martin, creator of the Spit Brothers

R = Ryan Fox, infamous Northampton area fregan, healer, thinker, nonjudgementalist

T = Thurston Moore, singer and lead guitarist of Sonic Youth

? = Sorry, dude, that party was a long time ago...


Bill Anderson said...

Speaking of old sketches, I dug one out that you did for me many moons ago that I used as the cover of a folder that I kept 20 Nude Dancers 20 strips in. I threw a little color on it (anything to avoid working) and you can see it at:

BonzoGal said...

Whoa- live nude cartoonist!