finally has something new

Hoedown report and great new Ditty


Mike Dobbs said...

Hey, don't give me all the credit for the cake. Mary, my awesome wife, made it and I just tried to stencil a thistle on it!

Let this be the first of many awesome signings!

BonzoGal said...

Man, that looked like a much more fun signing than most I've been to. And how much friendlier can you get than feeding your readers? Does that Da Vinci Code guy give out juice boxes at his signings?

I think not.

-chris said...

All these pictures are just making me more mad that I wasn't there! Well if you are ever in Chicago I'll be first in line! Well... okay maybe not first, but I'd definitely make an effort to show up... and I'll bring cake.


slatts said... was absolutely out-of-focus dreamy!


What will number two be like?

shawn said...

Very Late Comment -

That looks like it was the most fun in the world! Three cheers for Runaway!

Also: I got my Fantastic Prize, and it was indeed fantastic. Thanks again!