everything and other things

EVERYTHING is up and running. Click on over there and see what this image is all about. And if they haven't changed the line that says new strip every Wednesday, ignore. It's supposed to say new INSTALLMENT every FRIDAY.

Also see this old blog entry, where I mis-remembered exactly what was going on in this picture - but I was close!

This posting in the Arts section of Western Mass craigslist was actually posted by me and Brigham. After hanging out with Colin and company, and hearing about Jim Woodring's Friends of the Nib, well gosh darn it, we wanta play too! Without having to drive all the way to New Hampshire or freaking Seattle! So if you are in the area and wanta join our little "club" answer the post!


eeTeeD said...

why can't we have a larger version of this image?

Colin Tedford said...

Hey, I'll come to yer gatherin', it's only fair. I'll also pass the word around - I haven't got to know the comics "scene" down there too well yet, but I imagine there are plenty of fun folks. I know there's a cluster of webcartoonists in the area.

Flywheel in Easthampton might be a possible venue - you'd just need to get someone to "book" you (or become a booker) whihc should be do-able.