I've been going through my breadbox full of mini-comics picking out ones that have art by me, and a couple of interesting non-me items have popped up for inclusion in the jabberous offline zine for Runaway Comic #3. The me stuff will be chronicled on EVERYTHING by Mark Martin, which is what I have decided to call the online bibliography, and some of it will be included in the FREE mini-comic you will get if you order Runaway Comic #2 from panel-to-panel. (That mini will also include unpublished material).

I haven't had a chance to actually scan any of that ancient material yet, so here is the 40% black plate for page 24 of Runaway Comic #2.


eeTeeD said...

any news on the free comic book day comic you did work on?

Marky Mark said...

Free Comic Book Day was Saturday, May 6. Did you get yours? Here is the only news I can give: I gave Fantagraphics 4 pages for that book, but only 2 got printed. That's okay, I'm sure they just did it to give other deserving artists some space. And I did the cover, so I am totally cool with it. It is just the only "news" I have with which to answer your question.

eeTeeD said...

i haven't gotten a copy of the free comic, yet.
as for steve b's comment "...every decade sucks and does not suck..." he is, of course, correct. perhaps i would view the 70's in a bit better light if i also had the good fortune to attend the kubert school and make great friends for life. i was accepted at the kubert school twice, but sadly was not able to afford the tuition.
ironically, the last studio i worked at was just a few blocks away from the kubert school. i used to go to the kubert art supply store a few times every week to pick up supplies for work.