did you order yet???

I know Benny has ordered! And bonzogal! And at least one other unidentified Happy Customer!

Here, look at this. It's the cover of the FREE mini you'll get if you buy your Runaway Comic #2 from panel to panel. What a freakin' everlovin' DEAL! Issue 2 ALREADY contains the FREE 8-page zine JABBEROUS OFFLINE in addition to the ton-o-fun that comes with every issue of Runaway Comic, no matter where you buy it! So, like, hey, I don't wanta diss your local dealer! Buy one from him or her too! Buy that one for a CHRISTMAS PRESENT! In fact, buy several, they make totally awesome Christmas presents. BUT - for yourself, just so you can feel "special", buy that one for yourself at panel to panel. Snuggle and cuddle your FREE mini comic knowing that you have been generous to all your friends, and you didn't forget that special little treat for your best friend of all, YOU!

It is my goal to make the world a better place, one Runaway Comic customer at a time.



Benny said...

I'm giving one of my FREE mini comics to my local dealer.


BonzoGal said...

Man, have you been reading up on marketing psychology or what?

I do feel special now. I am being good to myself. I'll have some ME TIME when my Runaway Comic (and minis) arrive. Even though there is no "I" in "Runaway Comics"... oh wait, there is. Whew.

I gave a copy of Runaway Comic #1 to my brother-in-law and now he's all intimidated by my artly savvy.

mickey franck said...

well, naturally i have to do get it too! just call me "Order Number 4736"... sah-lute!

BonzoGal said...

Runaway Comics, Population Eighty-Jillion!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I just saw the new venture brothers episode on the adult swim website last night. I loved it.

I need shows like this.

I am not mean sick or evil enough to enjoy Drawn Together and Wonder Showzen. They make me uncomfortable and concerned that I am living in a world that has lost its soul and doesn't even care. But shows like Venture Brothers that are only pretending to be crass and edgy really float my boat. It's like eating a rack of baja lime chipotle barbecue ribs and having an antacid tablet discreetly tucked away inside it by a kindly chef to ease its journey through me. It's like knowing that your friend is ACTING crazy but he isn't REALLY crazy so you can keep gooning around and not worry about the possibility of having an FBI agent five years in the future write a book about your grizzly death at the hands of a psycho you thought you knew.

Cartoon network cancelled Samurai Jack and I hated them. Then they put on Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited and I loved them. Then they canceled Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited and I hated them again. Now they have Venture Brothers and Korgoth of Barbaria and I'm happy again. I'm pretty sure I got a lot of it out of order but that's my story.

But enough of that crap...

Mr. Martin don't you think it's time you tackled the subject of Klaus Nomi? Marylin Manson's most extreme efforts at disturbing performance art never even came close to that guy.

I bet GG Allin wouldn't have even gone near him. Klaus Nomi could probably make Groucho Marx (in his prime) stop talking.

Emery Calame said...

I wrote the comment above but forgot to select "Other" and fill in my name.

I just ordered Runaway Comics #1 from Austin Books. They will e-mail me when it arrives(probably next wednesday they said). I had to order it because they don't carry it on the shelves and seem to mostly have Collected Peanuts volumes and Sock Monkey stuff from Fantagraphics. Hmmf.
I tried to order RC #2 but they said that it wasn't available yet and then they tried to sell me some manga. Bastards.

I almost bought Essential Defenders and Essential Godzilla though. Nostalgia is like gravity.