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re bonzogal and tattoos:
EYEW! I don't know why people take pictures of their tats while they are still fresh and sore. Wait for the swelling to go down for God's sake!

re Jed and yeahbutt:
Most, nearly ALL of the input I have received on the yeahbutt sounds like Jed. "Eh, looks like an old novelty item, I want a Monty statue..."
The Catch 22 is, Monty has been out there for years and no toy companies are interested in him. I thought the yeahbutt was more generic and accessible to Mr. Everyman. And I think the quaint retro feel of it is brilliant, and so does Craig Yoe, so I MUST BE RIGHT!
HOWEVER... one of my "connected" friends in the toy world wants Sculptor Rick to sculpt a Monty so he can show it around and he thinks he can get a bite on it if we show the actual sculpture. So Rick and I are talking it over, and there may be a Monty statue soon.

re everybody who has asked if they can go ahead and order Runaway 2 from panel to panel and secure their acquisition of the FREE copy of Runaway 2.1, and if so, how:
As far as I know he's not set up to take orders on it right now, but I'll go rattle his cage RIGHT NOW! I'll report back on that next week. THANKS FOR ASKING, folks!


JR said...

"Connected"? Are you mobbed up?

slatts said...

and here I thought that was "just for me"! (my 50th)

great stuff this series!

Jed said...

I think the Yeah Butt may be generic and accessable to Mr. Everyman, but Mr. Everyman isn't the audience for those high end boutique toys. And I think, out of context, the casual observer isn't going to get the--well--intention of the piece.

Now I'm going out on a limb here with one of these "this is what you should do" kind of things that, you know, genuinely kind of bug me when other people tell me something of the kind, but, this is what you should do:

I think Montgomery Wart as a toy would also benefit from context. You know those old school diarama-type model kits? You know, where it would be Frankenstein's monster with a few little mad scientist doohickys, or dracula coming out of a coffin, or the hulk busting some shit up? Well, I think the best way to market ol' Monty would be if you put together some sort of simple, wacky, diarama-type scene (preesembled of course) with a mini and a fancy box. You know, something cute.

You've gots to understand your audience here. Yes, there are comics lovin folks like us, but then it's Computer dudes who are decorating their cubicles. And girls. You're just not gonna sell the Yeah Butt to girls.

So, you know, think cute.