everything reminder

Don't forget about the little EVERYTHING link over there to the right. They seem to be running smoothly now, updating every Friday on schedule. Why, you could even bookmark it if you like it!

I'm going to make my link list over there better soon... maybe... if that ever rises to the top of my TO-DO list.

Today I will do something I rarely do. Leave work, and go spend 2 days GOOFING OFF! It is my "between issues of Runaway Comic" celebration. (Except I do have a tiny freelance job I have to take with me. It's a good thing I love my work.) I'm heading down into Rhode Island. Not sure what all I will do there, but this looks kind of interesting.

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BonzoGal said...


If you take work with you, you can write off the whole trip as "research."

"Yes, Mr. IRS-Man, Rhode Island has the excact kind of tadpoles I need to draw..."