good question

Bonzogal asks "How do you decide which words to put in bold and which not to bold?"

The second half of the question is easy: NOT bold is default.

BOLD is - hmmmm, I am thinking about this now and I guess I never LEARNED it, so I don't know if it's OFFICIAL, but I always just assumed the bold words are the ones that are spoken with emphasis. Right? That is how I use bold, and I try to control myself and not over-do it. I think you'll probably see more over-the-top SUPER-BOLDING in my comics, but that is because you'll see more characters coughing up lungs and maniacally plotting to kill their boss and that sort of thing than you see in most comics. What do you think? How am I doing? Are my comics "hard to read" because of all the BOLDING and "quote marks" and other wacky word balloon decor?

HEY! I just realized why this blogger input thingy looks different! The little tool I use to upload an image is missing! I can't add the art I was going to add.

It's all that pinko Steve Bissette's fault. He has FINALLY figured out how to put pictures on HIS blog. Now, to balance out the weight of the internet in this area of the world, MY ability to post pics has disappeared! Well, world, I hope you are enjoying Steve Bissette's sissy balloon pictures as much as you would have enjoyed my new and improved Crazy Boss panel. sigh...

DAMMIT TO HELL! Guess what else is missing - the LINK TOOL! Stupid blogger. You'll just have to cut and paste this link to see the sissy balloons:

Also imagine all of the ALL CAPS words in this post are bold... since my "BOLD" button is missing as well.....


slatts said...

Aren't you glad you don't have a staff of proofreaders red-penning your art questioning every BOLD move you make?

Is tomorrow's lesson on punctuation? When to use one exclamation point and when fourteen are necessary?

BonzoGal said...

That's so sad... I can BOLD anything I want in the comments!

At least I THINK I can!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest adding a comma after the word "art" in Slatts's post.