letter from brian

remember this?

probably not...


(me now)
Barely. I'm not sure why Brian has a drawing of "One Meatball" by me, hanging by a picture of They Might Be Giants. I have a memory like a sponge... a leaky old worn-out sponge.

I do know this: I had to be thinking about Josh White when I drew that!


slatts said...

Yup! That drawing makes me think of Josh White, too.

eeTeeD said...

i like that song. i read it was derived from a very old song called one fishball.

Brian said...

I forgot that everything I send you is blog material! I should have written a better letter.

You did the meatball drawing for me in San Diego in '92 or whatever it says. You and Mr. Woodring were there at the Tundra booth. I was (am?) neurotically reticent, but you were both genial and even gave me a photocopy of some upcoming comics you were doing. (Joe Matt later absconded that from me.) I asked for something weird, and you said "That's right up my alley" or something.

Anyway, at the moment it hangs on a wall of celebrity autographed things on the wall of my comic shop, below Butch Patrick, and next to Peter Bagge on the other side.

julius said...

I have 9 cds of Josh white, it's rather excessive and admittedly a man can only stand so many versions of Waltzing Matilda, but his version of Lord Randal my son is one of the greatest things ever.