taking mommy home


This is pretty interesting reading over at Jed's. Just more bitching about how people expect artists to give it up, yet not JUST more bitching - it's bitching Jed-style!

I'll be at the Pickle Festival in Winchester NH Saturday. WILL YOU???
(the date on the site is wrong - it's Saturday)


BonzoGal said...

That cute bunny is disturbing. Does that skull have a bonnet on it? (Hey, that rhymes!)

eeTeeD said...

what happened to my comment? =(

Colin Tedford said...

The Pickle Festival is apparently so exciting that it addles people - that's the second website I've seen that had the date wrong! Such is the power of an event where the townspeople call their state rep "Mr. Pickle".

Great painting!

slatts said...

Grave-robbing Barbie-Bunny....only Mark Martin!

Jed said...

Thanks for the website plug, though I'm not sure of the wisdom of subjecting more people to my long-winded ranting. I appreciate your patience in wading through all that, though.

I remember reading something about how Mark Twain would sometimes apologize for the length of his letters by saying that he had written them in a hurry, and didn't have the time to write shorter ones.

So as long as we're promoting my gibberish, I shall use this as an opportunity to blatantly push my new enterprise, http://chinesebrushportraits.com

I'm just about to labor for the next four days over another $150 piece for a free weekly, which comes to, I don't know, $3 an hour or so, so I thought it was time that I made an actual buck or two.

With these free weeklies I just can't bring myself to knock out a piece of crap and put my name on it. So I labor over the thing, and really, the act of doing this is inches away from hanging out by the highway with a cardboard sign that says "artist", or having someone tell a mechanic, after the mechanic has just fixed their transmission, that they only have $50 in their budget for transmissions. Can't pay any more. If he doesn't take the job, they'll have to hire someone else.

But this stuff comes along too infrequently for me to say "no". I just can't bring myself to do it. I can't afford not to add *insert name of well know Los Angeles Weekly here* onto my resume.

My sollution: I will do dog portraits for yuppies, and I will get paid, and the price will be non negotiable.

Jed said...

Speaking of bitchin, I forgot to mention how bitchin this new painting is. Just the right combo of cute and disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute Bunny and such a chore job, but he seems to enjoy his job a lot! Lucky Bunny :-)