today I...

...scribbled out this comic on the computer. It is panel one of a three-panel page. Can you imagine what hijinx occur in the next two panels? It's riotous. Support Trees and Hills by buying the T&H Mini Anthology and find out what happens next! (I'll post buying info when the book is available.)

... mailed out the first batch of YEAHBUTTS! Everybody whose money arrived as of today: your yeahbutts are coming. (Incidentally, the caption contest continues until October 9. Sculptor Rick and I will pick a winner October 10.)

... did errands and chores.

... got all packed up so I can hop on a PLANE TO BENNY'S TOMORROW MORNING!!!!


julius said...

Wow! until October the 9th, I wonder how many more captions I can come up with . . . Actually I am supposed to be looking for a job, so I should stop.

eeTeeD said...

my friend will be tracking the progress of my comic on his padcast. please check it out...

Colin Tedford said...

Mark, thanks again for the Pickle comic! The collection will be debuting near-simultaneously at the Stumptown Comics Fest and The Comic Book Show toward the end of October, with info available hopefully a bit before that.

It will be awesome!

greg said...

Mark, in your most recent "Everything" post, what does, "MY SISTER CAME ME YOUR CAKE PAN!" mean?

Lou said...

Know What?? YEAH BUTT!!
I gots mine (#1/25 I might add)today.
It is Butt-Kissin' Sweet!
Thanks fellers!

BonzoGal said...

I didn't get my Yeah-Butt yet, but I did receive RUNAWAY COMICS #2 yesterday!

It's flan-tastic!!!

BonzoGal said...

I gots mine (#2/25 I might add) today!
It was packed in triple-deluxe TP.
It's one of the beautifullest butts I own!