teeny bumpers
A couple of friends and I are tossing around the idea of creating a couple of Teeny Weeny commercial bumpers and showing them to Nickelodeon.
runaway updates
We have 27 warm bodies so far, and have sold 13 yeahbutts.
thinking out loud
This blog has been pretty quiet lately because, frankly, not much exciting has happened lately. I'm thinking about starting a blog opera. Kinda like City Hospital, but not as elaborate. Just a black and white un-animated panel a day (except on the days when I don't).
shameless begging
Can anybody out there send an MP3 of this wonderful song to lasagnalagna at yahoo dotcom?


BonzoGal said...

When you say "blog opera", I thought you meant manipulating the Loyal Gang of Commenters here into having lurid exchanges and violent dust-ups, whilst claiming to be drinking many different alcohols! That would be fun. I start off by throwing my drink in Anonymous' face!

Who got Yeah Butt #13? Was it a CURSED Butt???

julius said...

Hey, lucky I wasnt that anonymous!

Everyone should watch this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

There is a way to download and save videos from UTube. I'll e-mail you about it if you're interested.

Lisa (Janet's sister)