BonzoGal said...

Dang Julius, you make a cool looking squid!

julius said...

Thank you. It looks just like me!

I have never been famous before.

slatts said...


Squiddly!...so, what's this for? Number Three?

Benny said...

What about me?
What about Slatts?
What about Dobbs?
What about Bissette?

Where are WE????

Surely you need a fat southern "character"!
And a grumpy Vermonter?? Ain't a blogopera worth its salt without a grumpy Vermonter!

How would you draw "Anonymous"? Just a clear spot in the drawing? Maybe one of those little "reflection" things that you draw on bubbles?

Lay it on me, Pumpkin.

eeTeeD said...

"Anonymous" was drawn in the first installment of the blog opera. his face obscured by thrown punch.

BonzoGal said...

I'm diggin' how this is a totally species-integrated comic, what with all the rabbits n' chickens n' people n' dog-girls (and squid) living side by side in harmony. Well, not harmony exactly- but at least the violence is non-discriminatory.