never happy

I like this cover - but I really want to be doing the next installment of blogopera.

If blogopera became a "hit" I'd start something else and want to do that.

I just don't like working for the man. Even when the man is me.

Not that Runaway is a hit. But you know what I mean.


eeTeeD said...

"...Not that Runaway is a hit..."
well, what exactly is going on with runaway???

Marky Mark said...

In what way? Do you mean "What is the status of #3?" or "How's the buzz?" or "Where is Monty going and why is it dark?"

I gotta fix that earmuff. Not working!

eeTeeD said...

well, i feel that you should be promoting runaway a lot more, and not just here. when #1 came out you did only one signing and zero conventions. that’s not enough.
i know they say “build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”, but it’s not true. closer to the truth is “build a better mouse trap, and spend the rest of your life convincing the world to use it”
if runaway isn’t the “hit” you want it to be, get out there and promote it!

julius said...

I think you should use planes with banners attached to advertise it, no one ever does that anymore. Or maybe a blimp.

I like that cover as well.

BonzoGal said...

Dig that cover! Is it going to be in those colors? Love it love it love it! The reflection in the puddle is gorgeous.

Know what you mean about doing something else when you should be doing... um... something. I do that at work all the time. And at home.

eeTeed is right... you should schmooze up the McSweeney guys or Michael Chabon- ooh, or come to SF and do a event at the Cartoon Art Museum!

Anonymous said...

I think you should use a blimp with planes attached! NO ONE does that anymore!

BonzoGal said...

Do people in snow country really wear earmuffs? Wouldn't Monty be wearing a hunting cap or a wool cap with a bobble on top? Seein' as how he doesn't have any hair, he must be pretty cold.

The RUNAWAY logo looks great in blue- very dramatic. Did anyone see that Dial B for Blog article about the guy who designed the Superman and other golden age comic logos?

Anonymous said...


eeTeeD said...

i did not see it, sorry.

Lou said...

What you need is Product Placement! Get a Yeah Butt onto the set of The Office. Have a happening rock/pop star be seen wearing a runaway or bad mans t-shirt. Send Penn Jillette a picture of a monkey kissing a Yeah Butt so he'll talk about it on his radio show. Have some kid in a sit-com be seen reading Runaway. You need the viral marketing, man!! Oh, and maybe a song-poem theme song for Runaway that you can stream, that would be cool. Do you write lyrics?? Maybe that's your next contest! I'd kick in to get the winning entry turned into a song-poem!

Lou said...

Oh, and the Brooklyn McSweeny's would probably dig you!
They have a cool after-school tutoring program ( hidden behind a false bookshelf at this place:
If you sent them a few issues or wanted to spend an afternoon teaching cartooning next time you're in NYC I'm sure they'd be into it. The actual Super Hero Supply Store literally sells Super Hero supplies; I've got a big tub of STRETCH Skin Enhancement Gel sitting right here on my desk.