Paul Fricke is sending me AIN'T THAT PECULIAR!!! I love friends!!! YAY, PAUL!

Hey! Here's a Paul story that gets us back to selling Runaway Comics! Which is what we are supposed to be doing here, after all.

If you will all turn in your Runaway Comic #2, to the article in Jabberous Offline about that comic book company that ripped me off for $5... Are you with me? (If you do not have a Runaway Comic #2, go buy one, then come back here.)

Paul and I got the copy of Comics Buyers Guide that contained that amazing ad while I was in Chicago attending the Chicago Comic Con and staying at Paul's house. Paul's dramatic reading of that ad is one of my all-time funniest fondest memories! You shoulda been there! It was one of those "Oh God, stop, my sides hurt!!!" moments.

Flash forward to 2006. Paul gets his Runaway Comic #2, and says to me "What was it in here that you thought I'd be so interested to see?" He had completely forgotten the whole thing! Even after looking at it in RC#2! Of course, after I TOLD HIM what was so interesting, THEN he remembered.

It's so odd the way 2 different brains sort and file things.

I'd still pay a handsome sum for Muscle Car Hero.


Anonymous said...

I'd still pay a handsome sum for Muscle Car Hero.


Jed said...

I of course, I know nothing about any of this. I've been trying to get Runaway Comic #2 for weeks from my comics retailer. I mean, if I had the thing, don't you think you would've heard about it by now? Yes, I know, I can get it by simple snail mail, but I try to buy my comics from my local comics guy because he and his ilk are responsible for keeping small press comics in business. Its my way of doing my part. I spend an obscene ammount of money on comics, and I know that some of those comics wouldn't exist if comic shops didn't trickle a few good ones out every once in a while, and people like me didn't happen to buy them.

He'll get it eventually I'm sure. I have it on special order. Its not the first time I've had this problem, but usually, if I bitch long enough, he pulls through. Thus far, not one, not two, but three issues of Francesca Germandi's Grenuord (sp?) have passed me by because, I think, he (or probably the other guy who works there) just doesn't want to have to spell it.

Good god but Fantagraphics alone is making me go broke! First it was the Peanuts books, then the Dennis the Menaces, now Popeye! And that's just the reprints. I've given up trying to keep up with Krazy Kat, because I just don't have that kind of cash! If I were you, the only reason I'd need to keep cranking out Runaway Comic is to clean up on all that swag!

So, you know, as soon as I get ahold of my copy of Runaway #2, I'm sure I'll have this all doped out.

Mark Landman said...

Uh yeah, ditto here...

I've been waiting for my local retailer to get Runaway #2 as well, she keeps ordering it, it doesn't show up.

I don't know if it's Fanta or Diamond to blame, my retailer mentioned trying to "go around" Diamond so we'll see if that helps...

I recognize these are small orders, but fer Christsakes that's what Fanta LIVES on, and if you multiply these small orders, well, maybe that's still a small order, but enough of an order for a comicbook to survive on...