Oops. I meant to post this on Halloween -

Months ago Janet mentioned a pic here - a pic she had of me in my banana costume from 17 years ago. I told her to send it, and she eventually did, then I decided I'd wait and post it on Halloween, then I forgot...

Better late than never. OR IS IT?

Fun fact: Those glasses are not part of my costume. I actually wore those windshields regularly.

Helpful tip: Avoid cameras while drinking.


BonzoGal said...

If you're going to start showing photos of your banana on this blog, shouldn't you have one of those "Over 18 only" warnings at the top?

eeTeeD said...

dang, i did not realize you are such a huge charles nelson reilly fan. i can imagine you running around singing.... "you'll go bananas/ over bic banana ink crayons/ you'll learn to write a lot of waaaaaaaays!"

slatts said...

Are We Not Men? Devo goggles!