good news bad news

I have lots of cool work to do.

I don't have time to work on the blogopera brief message.

The ancient buried cabinet provides lots of filler material.

I don't really have time to jabber much either.

But I'll tell you this. When I was a kid I thought pyramids were so cool. Because you take 4 triangles that are all exactly the same, put them all together and you get a pyramid! The mathematical beauty of it fascinated me. In my teen years, when everyone was smoking pot and feeling intellectual and grooving to the Ancient Secrets and listening to YES albums, I never really bought into all that stuff, but I still thought somebody really had their head together when they thought up that pyramid! Later, when I flirted with college and art school, I worked on an art project part of which was a small pyramid construction. Triangle base, and three matching triangular sides, right? Everybody was all "Dumbass, the base of a pyramid is SQUARE" and I was like "Excuse me, PYRAMID!?! Triangles!?! Are you crazy?"

Now I think the Ancients were stupid and really blew it on the pyramid thing.

The blogopera brief message will return!

I don't know when.


Mike Dobbs said...

My mom used to wear a pyramid around the house when she was at the height of her New Age period. She took two oranges and put them side by side, only one was covered by a pyramid. The uncovered one rotted, but the other dried a citrus mummy!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, citrus mummy!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, citrus mummy!