OK, here is the MASTER's cornbread recipe. It's the recipe for Martha White "Southern Style" cornbread, with a few changes according to the MASTER. THIS IS IT! This is the best cornbread you will ever eat.

If you can't find Martha White WHITE cornmeal in your Left Coast Hippy Food Co-Op, you can buy it here.


Did you know that Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs wrote and sang the FABULOUS Martha White theme? I have a version by Hot Rize. That's right, the band that actually named the band after Hot-Rise!!! This version is excellent and I was going to post it so you can download it and boogie. But it is buried somewhere in my enormous pile of audio. If it ever surfaces I will share it with you. Or you can just buy the Hot Rize CD (but the rest of the CD is not that awesome...)

Here are the lyrics to this wonderful song.

Martha White
by Flatt & Scruggs

Now you bake right (uh-huh) with Martha White (yes, ma'am)
Goodness gracious, good and light, Martha White

For the finest biscuits, cakes and pies,
Get Martha White self-rising flour
The one all purpose flour,
Martha White self-rising flour's
Got Hot Rise

For the finest cornbread you can bake,
Get Martha White self-rising meal
The one all purpose meal
Martha White self-rising meal
For goodness' sake


Benny said...

Good gracious, Pumpie!
You're makin' my mouth water.

I like the way Jeannie puts that quarter cup of flour in lieu of that much corn meal. It makes it so much more STROFT!

And of course I remember L&E singing about Martha White.
She was a young girl, as I recall. Kind of like the Clabber Girl.

BonzoGal said...

Yay! Thanks! Now I will be cornbreadless no more.

My last batch had no flour, and was too gritty. Then again I used Quaker YELLOW corn meal, so my folly began thus.

I'm diggin' these Timely Manors. POIT!