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Click the EVERYTHING link this week for a glimpse into the childhood of a man of letters. Runaway Comics Technical Assistant Brigham Martin.


Jed said...

Hey! Hey! I remember Anything Goes! I got most of those. I remember this story! I also remember there was this cool story, Pictopia by Alan Moore and Don Simpson, where old school superheroes and funny animals lived in this ghetto and were being pushed out by the new grim and gritty crowd.

Anything goes was my first introduction to Jaime and Gilbert, as well as my intro to some weird random early Dan Clowes stuff (who's this guy? He sucks!).

This whole business, as I recall, was meant to raise money to cover Harlan Ellison's legal fees (before Groth decided he thought Ellison was a comics dillitante) when Ellison was being sued by Michael Fleisher for implying Fleisher was a nutjob in a Comics Journal Interview ( I think Ellison's specific word was, "bugfuck"). Truth be told, Michael Fleisher IS a nutjob, and Ellison IS a comics dilllitante. At the time, Anything Goes was a pretty decent primer for the 80s alt. comics scene for the unitiated, you know, barring Raw and Blab, which I didn't exactly have access too in the souless hick corner of California I happened to occupy.

Oh, and then there was Taboo by your old pal Steve Bisette! Now those were the shiznet. I wish I held onto those...

eeTeeD said...

my *HERO* (swoons)

Jed said...

Good show eeteed!

This is great. Wow, makes me feel better about my dead end job at an offset printers (for half of our clients we actually still shoot negatives!).

Most of the people I know in the animation industry do character and production design, and seem to like it. That seems to be the one fun part in an otherwise dismal profession.

And then there's Sam Henderson, the funniest man alive (see:Magic Whistle). But then, he's an actual cartoonist, so maybe that's why he's one of those rare acceptions to the "all writers for cartoons suck" rule.

I'm also pretty sure that they write the Spongebob scripts in the old school fashion, simultaneously generating storyboards, since, you know, cartoons are all about the pictures.

Last I heard, the Simpsons was written in the "a bunch of ex-Harvard Lampoon guys in a room who can't draw" fashion.

Ahh, and I too am sick to death of the Celebrity voice issue. It's darned distracting. Christian Bale and definitely Billy Crystal pretty much ruined the dub for Howl's Moving Castle.