condoleeza's magic satchel


BonzoGal said...

Ze Frank is a god.

Jed said...

This man is indeed funny. I predict in due course that he will be huge.

I also dig how he gets away with things looking super slick with stills and editing. No fancy pants production values--when people TRY to do fancy on an amateur basis the not-quiteness of it all only calls attention to itself. So why try? Low tech is good tech.

and what's with all this bitch'in about the new blogger? I just made the change over and it took less than 5 minutes. And the new dashboard looks pretty much almost identical to the old dashboard? Whateva

Marky Mark said...

I have been specific about my problems with new blogger. So what's with all this "what's with all this"?

Currently my only problem is STILL having to sign in with a long name because it STILL won't "remember me on this computer".