does mufatti suck?

Go here and scroll down to the Little Audrey comic for more fisticuffs.

That's the last thing I'll post about it. Everyone is still welcome to comment here about it. But I'm not relaying any more messages to the world. I'm glad to do it, eeTeeD, but I feel like I am enabling you to sit-n-stew anonymously, when it would be healthier for you to register at The Comics Journal Message Board (or any other comics board you prefer) and wrassle folks face-to-face.

I'm not giving that same advice to Jed because I think he already told me once that he has to stay away from Boards the way an alcoholic has to avoid alcohol.


Jed said...

Yes, it's true, message boards are like crack to me, so I really wish that EeteeD would stop quoting me out of context and misrepresenting my position. It's really annoying, and I feel a little defenseless considering the fact that signing back up onto the TCJ message board for me would be like mainlining a big rock of crack.

In fact I just did it.

Now I'm waiting with bated breath for an administrator to OK my registration and it is YOU MARK MARTIN and EETEED who have DRIVEN ME TO DO IT!

This means that now I have to build up the resolve to get my spouse to block the address from my spank'in new mac. Oh, thanks.

eeTeeD said...

*NEWSBREAK* this just in! i just got my hands on a copy of animal comics #7. and the artist got to sign their names on the famous studios cartoons in that issue! hector the henpecked rooster was done by rube grossman. mr. grossman worked an several different animation studios (including disney), but is perhaps best known for the funny animal comics he did at dc for sheldon mayer.
blackie the lamb was done by tom golden. mr. golden worked for famous studios and later did animation for hal seegar, but he also did comic book work for hillman's punch and judy comics.
sorry i couldn't identify the artists on these series earlier.