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From Benny:

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I published Black & White!!!
One of the BEST things you've ever done, in my opinion.

Editorial or NOT!~

er - uh - I'll hold my comments on this thing until after you read it. It's kinda big, so I'm chopping it up into 4 posts.

Thank you, Benny, for taking the time to unframe this monster (YES! He actually has this turd FRAMED!) and scan it etc. You know you are killing me. Killing me SOFTLY!

Click to embiggen...


Anonymous said...

Gawd! The autobiography of your meltdown. It's in the ultimate Gnatrat book...

Benny said...

Ahh, but those days were the "salad days"!
The little hovel of DynaType reeking with cooking and cigarette smells. The emerging styles of your "proteges". The impossible positions in which these "proteges" would draw their muscular heroes.
And Bestine! Remember how we used to laugh and laugh as we "huffed" Bestine?!
Oh, allright, we didn't really "huff" it. We just "left it open" a lot.

Hey! This is like writing in somebody's annual.

Well, have a great summer and I hope we're in some classes next year! (smiley face)

Your pal,