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... but first ...

Let's get back to poor old neglected Runaway Comic for a moment. Here is just a teeny tiny section of a glorious page by R. C. T. D. Brigham Martin. To see it in all of its glory, buy Runaway Comic #3 - available in APRIL 2007!

and now...


Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to announce that Champion Internet Rivals eeTeeD and Jed have finally buried the hatchet - IN MY HEAD! This is going to RUIN the return of blogopera, which will return I promise, but all is fair in love and war.

Letter from eeTeeD:
...just tried to post a comment to your blog, but i don't think it "took"

from me:
No, it did not!
I have been waiting on you to finally join forces with Jed and fight the common enemy! I know you don't like Simpsons!

from eeTeeD:
i started things off with this simple comment:
when is the last time that any of you laughed out loud at an episode of the simpsons? i have not done so in many years, and i think that is a personal yardstick that we all can use and understand.

And there you have it! Proof that eeTeeD and Jed are BOTH delusional crackheads! Look, he didn't even capitalize Simpsons! God, I wish this namby pamby Liberal Cesspool of a country would let us execute kkkriminals who don't capitalize Simpsons!

And, as you can see, blogger is still having the vapors. Poor ol' bonzogal and Benny, God Bless 'Em, trying 3 and 4 times before a post will finally "take". I humbly and sincerely apologize to all of you who are trying to tell Jed (and now eeTeeD) how crazy they are. Your posts are not materializing, but the Prayer Tower is t-t-t-trembling with all of your positive energy. WHOA! There goes another one! You shoulda seen the cat fly outa here! Spooked!

And now, friends, may I take a moment to explain the insanity of carbon credits, or whatever the hell they are called?

The planet is dying, right? And we are all supposed to conserve as much as we possibly can, and give poor old Mother Earth a break. FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

Well, some of us are fooling ourselves and saying it is okay if we waste energy and enjoy an extravagent carbon footprint, as long as we "offset" that by buying carbon credits.

Do I have to explain it any further? If I do, you will never understand.

WOW! Look at the LABELS I'm going to have to use now! That reminds me, here's a label joke I thought of: (but first, I have to show this to those who have never seen it. It's the little label entry thing in blogger)

Well, the joke is, what if there was some dumbass who labeled everything "scooters" "vacation" or "fall"? Get it? Because he's so dumb he thinks those are the choices!

Some people are really that dumb. And it would be cruel to laugh at them. Like laughing at people who look just like Ugly Betty. Words can hurt! I hope this has been a lesson to all of you who laughed.


Jed said...

Well, bless you Eeteed. Our arguments are apples and oranges, and I haven't really seen a recent season of the Simpsons to agree or disagree one way or another, but I'll take the love wherever I can get it.

Thus I pass the baton of Simpsons hater, (or should i say, "simpsons" hater) over to Eeteed, so that he might carry on the good fight. I wash my hands of this affair.

Obviously, as Mark would surely attest, I can barely choke down the rancor that this show routinely inspires in me. Bad bad bad Simpsons. Excuse me while I go worship at my shrine to Harvey Kurtzman.

And Thanks for clarifying my position, Mark. From now on I'll defer to you whenever I want to know what's REALLY on my mind.

Marky Mark said...

No problem! I am always happy to help out, as VoR and JR and countless others will assure you. I know what is REALLY on EVERYBODY's mind! And I am always willing to share.

Benny said...

Scooters, vacation, fall!
I did get a laugh out of that, Pumpie! You should write for the SIMPSONS!

And I gotta say, America Ferrera is really cute when she's not wearing her "Ugly Betty" suit, but when she IS wearing it, she's beautiful then, too, because she's so gol-derned pretty INSIDE!

Kevin said...

jeez louise...number three?!?...i definitely missed two....and my premonition was correct i should have turned into that parking lot of that comic shop the other day when i heard it call out to me...that place didn't seem half comic police and evil glares from across the room...besides mark martin is cool and they will all know, must go buy two, soon....

and yes, e-blogger is the pits! too many codes and wait for this and that...the big brother of blogs!

BonzoGal said...

I do laugh out loud at The Simpsons regularly, and I'm usually more of the type to bark "Ha!" instead of laughing. The recent episode where Marge made statues of people out of popsicle sticks and those people treated the statues as if they were extensions of themselves gave me a belly laugh.

Despite being a far-left liberal, I too believe that carbon-credits are a lame compromise. You still get to pollute, just instead of someone else polluting? Yeah, way to help us all out. Woohoo.

I'd be a Kurtzman butt-boy just like Jed (butt-girl, maybe)! If Kurtzman were appearing at Wondercon instead of Al Feldstein, I'd be rolling around at Kurtzman's feet in ecstasy, despite always being weirded out at Little Annie Fanny. (Have I mentioned that I'm seeing Al Feldstein this weekend?) And if Matt Groening were appearing... I'd... I'd... asplode!

If I go to the Fantagraphics booth and pick up a copy of RC#3 and laugh out loud (like I do with The Simpsons) and draw a cash-paying crowd, will Jeannie bake me another banana bread?

greg said...

"To see it in all of its glory, buy Runaway Comic #3"

Does this mean you're going to remove the pages with Brigham's art from the books given away to us 'grandstand warm bodies' participants? I hope not, because it looks good!

Marky Mark said...

No, Greg, NO! You guys all git the whole thang!

I am worried, though. I STILL have not got my payola copies of issue 2 from Fantagraphics! In their defense I have only nagged them twice, but still - troubling. I hope there is not a repeat of that performance with issue 3, or all you guys are gonna think I'm a liar!