16 years ago

Here's an original that Voice of Reason just dug out of the pile. I told him he could pick out a piece for a free (and very very late) wedding gift, and he picked THIS! Go figure.

This is from my loosey-goosey markers-n-pencils period. It's almost JED-LIKE in its wavey-graveyness!

Speaking of original art - Here's your chance to own ORIGINAL ME AND MARC ARSENAULT ARTWORK for $9.99, AND donate to a friend in need. Well, actually, I never met the guy, but still, it's a good thing to do. Read about where the money goes if you click the link and look at the art. There's just one catch - it's a filthy disgusting porn gag. Starring ROSS PEROT, no less! If you are brave enough to own it, go get it.

There's also a link to a Lasagna Lagna mini at the bottom of the page. If you can snag it for a few books - well, I can honestly say I'd buy one if it was not by me and I did not already own it.

eeTeeD asked me to reveal the dirty laundry about my dealings with DC.

There ain't none. I have only worked with DC maybe 3 times in my life. On very small projects, a page here or there. No news there.

Well, I saw Children of Men after hearing how great it is from so many people. I hated it. Tedious confusing plot, huge logic gaps, mumbling dialogue, impossible coincidences, stupid attempts at humor - it was bloody awful.

It stank, and on top of that was the moronic two-dimensional politics of the thing.

What a mess!


Marky Mark said...

I meant "for a few BUCKS".

I need a nap.

Marc Arsenault said...

I'm enjoying the competitiveness of this. The bunch of stuff Ricko has for sale is like a big contest on the value of minicomic art circa 91-93. It seems clear to me from watching art auctions that there is great value to be had from a lack of being prolific. Therefore, I will surely come out on top, and poor Bissette will get the 10 bux.

jed said...

Children of Men Obligatory *spoiler* warning.

Children of Men was a pretty uneven film, and yes, there were fist-sized holes in the plot-- I didn't find it confusing so much as poorly concieved, and ultimately pretty predictable. That "special" moment in the end where everybody sees the baby in the middle of this war zone, and step aside in awe was just ludicrous. They'd probably tear it apart in a frenzy.

And what was that whole "Human Project" business all about?

But I actually dug the part where Michael Cain gets shot, and then gets back up and says "pull my finger" and then gets shot again. Is this what you meant by a "stupid attempt at humor"? I beg to differ. Really, the first half of the film was pretty entertaining and showed a promise that was ultimately unfulfilled.

Otherwise, I think they took a really compelling premise and failed to explore it adequately, and there's no way that England would be some kind of Island of stability in the midst of world chaos. Maybe Amsterdam. Maybe Iceland. But England? Just watch the crowd at a Rugby match if you want to see how they keep it together in England.

Hey, go see the Host instead. Now that's probably the best movie I've seen this year. It's a scary funny sad and very entertaining monster movie from Korea. Tell your ol' friend Steve Bisette, that if he hasn't seen this one yet, he doesn't know what he's missing.

Kevin said...

Mr.V0R picked a great piece!

SRBissette said...

Yo, Jed -- I saw (own on Korean DVD) THE HOST, and love it. Ain't missed a thing.

But then again, I loved CHILDREN OF MEN, and likewise loved it primarily for Michael Caine's character -- a cartoonist light years from his embittered Barry Windsor Smith imitation of Oliver Stone's THE HAND.

Marc, I already get $10.

Marc Arsenault said...

OK, I conceed. The power of Bissette in the free marketplace is undiminished. Now youse gets thoity bux!

jed said...

" a cartoonist light years from his embittered Barry Windsor Smith imitation of Oliver Stone's THE HAND."

This sentence is so mind-bendingly rife with random and disparate nerdy pop culture references that I find it completely incomprehensible in this or any context. Don't worry, Steve, sometimes I sound like this too.