what is this?

Well, I couldn't NOT post this one!

From Benny:
Me and Taylor Hicks!
Wearing the Shirt of Shame.
I'm starting a collection.

And isn't that a GEICO caveman in the background? Benny, you celebrity whore! Dear jabberous reader - See that yellow glow in the glass of the picture frames behind Taylor? Whatever is making that glow must be making Benny's teeth look yellow. They are NOT that yellow!

I say Taylor wins the chest hair exposure contest.


Benny said...

I might clarify that The Shirt of Shame is the same shirt I wore when I met Michael Stipe at his guitar tech's wedding reception and had my picture made with him. The shame part comes from him lambasting me for taking candid pictures of him at the party. He came right up to me and spat, "Enough!"

Shame, shame, shame.

Mainly for my yellow teeth.
I should have P'shopped them.

SRBissette said...

Benny, your teeth are as neat and nifty as that THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS guy's teeth (Mark, you KNOW what I'm talking 'bout). Let 'em shine!

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