father time

Dang. I have a new old Pumpie strip I was gonna start posting tonight, but I left it at work. Instead I'll share this. One of the weirdest Scopitones I've ever seen. The dancing is totally out of synch with the pace of the music. The duck is plastic. Father time is a pervert in a diaper. It's surreal. THANK MICKEY for sharing this great find!

Dear Jed:
You are dead to me. Your taste in tag fighters is loathesome.

Everyone else:
See yesterday's post and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Thank you.


mickey said...

Aw shucks, Pumpie. I'm always happy to spread the peanut butter of love on my friends and neighbors.

That Mother Nature is the wigglin'est lil' darlin'. She's the Betty Page of Scopitones!

BonzoGal said...

Man, that video ROCKS. Go Go dancing really enhances everything, doesn' it?

Benny said...

Man! I'll bet Brook Benton was thinking "Why did they give me a couple of hot white chicks that CAN'T DANCE???"

Like, AT ALL.

HemlockMan said...

Great Jove! I just read the Carry Nation bio. It is undeniably hilarious!