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Tomorrow's gonna be nuts, and at 5:00 I disappear until Monday. So I'm posting parts 3 and 4 now. Part 4 is on TOP, since blogger does this backwards heirarchy thang.

Here's the update that is relevant to part 3:

That lady that threatened to sue me a few weeks ago for besmirching her, and I told her no way, and made her OTHER generous offers because I like her work, but not MONEY, offers of good will and good cheer, and I told her and her lawyer I'll never mention you in public again, which sounds like a GOOD thing to them, but is really a BAD thing if they'd only stop and think about it...

Well, I never heard another peep outa them. And I will honor my promise to never mention her in public again. Ever.

But I can show an old comic strip where I drew her book.


greg said...

Sweet. I believe I remember this one from my giant 20 Nude Dancers 20 compilation.

Benny said...

The part about "tape stuck to book cover" made me belly laugh then, and it made me belly laugh NOW!

You are the BEST, Pumpie! The BEST!

BonzoGal said...

This strip made me throw out a bunch of boxes/containers/cool jars. I felt so clean... but now I've got another bunch. Shoot.

And this isn't even the one about putting mothballs in film containers, which is genius too!

jed said...

These remind me of early, pre-Peepshow Joe Matt except for the part where you're married and have a life.