dobbs' cover

Hey look! I actually finished something! I'll let you know when this book is actually printed and available so you can buy copies for all your friends and relatives and for your local library, our fighting men overseas, the homeless, and don't forget - nothing says "I love you" like a book of animation essays!

My coloring of The Henbanes is THIS CLOSE to being finished. As soon as I can grab a couple of hours I'll finish and post.


BonzoGal said...

Can't wait to buy and read this- I just found a used copy of a book about the Spike & Mike animation festivals, and it's got a lot of good interviews with animators.

Pinkhamster said...

"nothing says 'I love you' like a book of animation essays!"

Then I'll buy 20 and send them right back to yew.


(PS: Don't tell your wife.)

SRBissette said...

Great cover, Mark! I can't wait to read/own/love/plug this book!

Love plug -- uh, that didn't read quite the way I'd intended.