purcell's turn


greg said...

Pure awesomeness. I'm hoping this is leading to news that you two have decided to do a comic together, kinda Tantalizing Stories-like.

Mark Martin said...

I seriously doubt if Steve Purcell remembers any of this or knows who I am.

eeTeeD said...


Pinkhamster said...

Hey, Mark.

Your comment about Purcell not remembering this or you made me sad, because you seem like kindred souls.

As a result, I went over to the Telltale Games website (they are the guys doing the latest series of Sam & Max games with Purcell's involvement), and posted a link to your blog on their Sam & Max forum, along with a request to the guys at the company to forward the link to Purcell himself so he could see some artwork of his own he hasn't seen for over 20 years.

Hope this isn't embarassin' to ya. I made clear that I wasn't you trying to hype yourself. It was me as a fan of both of ya makin' the request.

I hope Steve drops in here and slaps you on the back.

Benny said...

Don't be silly, Pumpie.
Of course he remembers you.
Well, maybe not YOU, per se, but your "exchange" will not have been forgotten, even by the most famous.

Benny said...

Good ole Skeeter Davis!
I just heard "I Can't Stay Mad at You".

Isn't she one of your "faves"?

greg said...

"I seriously doubt if Steve Purcell remembers any of this or knows who I am."

I can't see how either of those are possible. He's probably your biggest fan. I'm interested to see what comes of pinkhampster's post.

Pinkhamster said...

Okay, things seem to be moving. Someone at Telltale says she emailed the link to Steve:


Also, your blog has now been written about on another website:


greg said...

I also followed the post over to the mixnmojo blog writeup entry about this. The guy referred to Mark as just "a fanboy," so I signed up for an account just to let them know Mr. Martin is a heck of a lot more than just some ol' fanboy!

(Also, I don't think 1981 can be considered late '80s, pinkhamster.)

Emily said...

Steve remembers. He tried to post here this morning but apparently it didn't work.

-Emily from Telltale

Pinkhamster said...

Greg, sorry but you're wrong... The Sam and Max comic Pumpie sent fanmail about was published in 1987, not 1981.

Jed said...

"Just a fanboy?!!%$*#&!! Damn their eyes!!#($&#

*In light of the unseemliness of a personal response this display of indignance is courtesy of me, in your stead. Damn their eyes I say. Damn their eyes.

No need to thank me.

Mark Martin said...

re 1981 vs 1987:
I started that whole brouhaha by incorrectly reading the postmark on an envelope. Damn the fallibility of ancient postmarking equipment!

re "just a fanboy":
I don't think they said "just". I think it may be the "just" that is inflaming everyone. But I don't think the word "just" actually appears there. I could be wrong and I'm too lazy to check, but I'm pretty sure...

greg said...

From the mixnmojo blog:

"25 years ago a Sam & Max fanboy sent Steve Purcell some fan art. Steve took that art, added more and send it back. Mark Martin (fanboy) added more and sent it back."

I felt that by them referring to you as "a fanboy" and nothing else, it implied that nothing else about you was worth mentioning in that blog entry. I thought that it may have been more accurate to include the fact that you're a cartooning god that can flatten several hundred lesser artists with a single flair pen, making the back-and-forth between you and Steve Purcell that much more historical.

(I apologize for any unintentional exaggeration in that last paragraph)

greg said...

RE: pinkhamster:
"Greg, sorry but you're wrong... The Sam and Max comic Pumpie sent fanmail about was published in 1987, not 1981."

I apologize. I was simply going by what Mr. Mark Martin had said.

Pinkhamster said...

Your apology is totally unacceptable. Why? Because the "me" who corrected you is dead, replaced by a more cosmically laid back cat who never would have callously replied to you like that. Peace, Daddy-O.