especially for benny

OMG! She's so FAT! Just look at her! No wonder her poor husband can't bear to touch her! FATTY FATTY TWO BY FOUR!

That quilted housecoat is NOT helping you, honey.


James said...

"Too FAT for love"...

No Michael Moore joke? I am disappointed.

Benny said...

I WISH I were as fat as her!
She's tiny!

It reminds me of that scene on The Young and the Restless back in the 70s, when Mike Kirzynski's wife was sad because he tought she was too fat to "make love" to, and she went into the kitchen and got a big casserole dish out of the refrigerator and began shoving cold casserole in her mouth with a FREEKING GIANT SERVING SPOON and crying the whole time because she was Too FAT to Love.
Kind of like the scene pictured here, only Joann was fatter (but still not fat, because it is, after all, Hollywood).

Mark Martin said...

It's embarrassing but true. Benny was (is?) a soap opera junkie.

Benny said...

I gave up soaps years ago.
It was like smoking more and hating every cigarette you smoked.

But for a while there. . .okay, MORE than a while. . .I was pitiful.