girls against the world

The December 1953 issue of True Story is full of dreadfully boring morality plays like "Fool's Marriage" and "Reckless Sixteen". Each story begins on a rather interestingly-designed two-page spread. The photo-illustration is usually offset and spans across the gutter. It's actually quite fascinating int its droll way.

The stories are about people who have sunken to a low point in their life - but look at the models and the scenery! Have you ever seen such well-groomed wayward girls? And such a nice halfway house!

One more spread coming tomorrow - especially for BENNY!


benny said...

For ME??
It's like having Beck dedicate a song to you!

BonzoGal said...

Look at that red-flocked wallpaper, though- that's no halfway house, that's a brothel!

greg said...

Hey Mark, I just sent you my Come Draw With Me superhero stamp dude, which I spent my lunch hour coloring.

Am I first??

Mark Martin said...