spookky maggots, TRY ME!

Only 10 more days to get to a KK in Hong Kong for your Spookky Maggots. After Halloween, they're gone!

Everybody wants ta get inta de act! First I get that Bad Rex panel that Greg says was inspired by that pig chop panel - now Manhog's over at Jim's surrounded by bones and guts! Spookky Maggots in Hong Kong? What's up with that?

More Spookky Maggots! If this old thing ain't covered with maggots yet, nothing is! And yet, BenT just dropped by to rattle its cage! SPOOKKY!!!


eeTeeD said...

1) you got any interesting halloween projects going on?

2) what the heck ever happened to pinky??? what, he lost some weight, and now he's too good for us???

HemlockMan said...

What the hail??!! Asians are sometimes as wacky as we are! Maggots on doughnut! (Starring Samuel L. Jackson.)