still more guts

The strange preponderance of spookky mayhem continues. I just put some old toy designs up as samples to show a toy company I'm (probably) about to do some similar work for, so I thought I'd share the link here. I've put some of these online for one reason or another over the years, so you may be thinking "Oh brother, THOSE again?" If you are, all I can say is "Yeah, those again..."

A thought has occurred to me. Hey, it happens! Here is the thought:

I wonder if "spookky" is merely mangled spelling, or if the "kk" stands for "Krispy Kreme"? I suppose either explanation is equally possible.


HemlockMan said...

Spider and Flower Pot are the best.

eeTeeD said...

i agree that the kk is probably a play on the 2 k's in krispy kreme.

i don't get the big deal over krispy kreme. they taste no better than any other brand of doughnut.

there a chinese restaurant one town over from me that makes doughnuts fresh to order... now those taste great!

Jed said...

These look great, but don't seem to lend themselves to prolonged play, so much as one-note novelty. As images they work more for me than as toys.

This said, it's hard to come up with an original cool toy for kids, so I sympathize.

HemlockMan said...

When I was a kid I was watching some western TV show. Don't ask, because I don't know which one. But I seem to recall that it was in color. The plot dealt with a guy working as a cook for one of two rival operations (mining? Again, I can't recall.) His cooking had improved morale for the place where he was working, so the rival boss hired a hit man to go over and blow his brains out. But before the trigger man could act, the cook tossed him a powdered cruller (apparently, the food that had so improved morale for his boss's employees). Having tasted the cruller, the gunman couldn't kill the cook. He just found himself unable to plut a guy who could cook something like that. So he went back to his boss with this information, plus a cruller to show why he couldn't follow his order to kill.

That's all I remember. But I'd bet there's some fanboy somewhere who could give me all of the details on that show.