for the men

Men's room entrance, I-59 Flea Market


slatts said...

You Rebs make a shrine and mockery out it!

I love it!

'Glad I was born south of he Mason-Dixon line.

Benny said...

I'm just glad they got the possessive apostrophe in the right place on "babies'".

Eudora Welty would be so proud.

Benny said...

Pumpie left this thing logged in under his name, so now I can comment all I want and post it immnediately.

I can do one of those posts that only a few people see that gets "removed" later!

Tra la la la la la.

Marc and Jen's baby is incredibly beautiful.

Benny said...

Jelking is the future.

Mark Martin said...

You misspelled jelqing.

Just don't call Condi that word.

Mark Martin said...

You also misspelled immnediately!

Eudora Welty indeed!