free at last!

I can think again! My wreck of a studio is reborn! And here's that 360 degree i-Pix view Ardell asked for! Click and be patient - it's 716k! Scroll right and go slow or you may get dizzy and throw up.

I still draw, by the way. I should be drawing right now, but screw it. Jack a dull boy! I finished every single thing on my massive throbbing TO-DO list today, except this little comic strip I'm doing with James Kochalka. I'll get to it. I'm also supposed to do sketches Saturday and Sunday for the first 10 of the Garbage-Pail-Kids-esque cards I am working on for some kind of electronic board game. And STILL futzing around with the children's books, and just starting brainstorming with Duffy for a Teeny Weeny fumetti hybrid, and still drawing and designing at the day job. Not much happening onscreen here at jabberous right now though. I'll try to at least get the new Most Powerful Beings posted and linked soon...

Here's one of the greatest music videos of all time.

ps: Buddy McNutty 2 is STILL on hold. Sorry, eeTeeD.


SRBissette said...

Condi was NOT in your studio. NOT! NOT! NOT!

eeTeeD said...

well, seeing condi in your studio confirms my suspicions.
recently i heard some condi made some kind of speech where she said she feels confident there will soon be peace between israel and palestine. when i heard this i thought:
1) she must be really stupid
2) she must be an evil liar
3) she must have some kind of secret plan

add to this the fact that her friend mark martin has recently stopped work on runaway comics, and has also put buddy mcnutty 2 “on hold”. in fact, the amount of cartoons we have seen from him has dwindle significantly.

what all this means...

condi wants peace between israel and palestine. what better way to end hatred and to bring people together, than through LAUGHTER? thus, condi contacted her friend mark martin, and has him working on a secret comic book project, which when completed she will distribute to the feuding peoples.
overcome with laughter and good humor, the two peoples will forget their differences, and build a bond of peace.

which is all fine and well for THEM, but meanwhile we are expected to do without our mark martin comics!

curse you, condi!

eeTeeD said...

more important than condi is what’s behind her. on the wall there are two framed comic book covers. the bottom cover is the brownies, published by dell with art by legendary walt kelly.
more important is the cover on top of it is a cover from hillman’s punch and judy comics volume 1 #5. this comic was very important, as it was in a way a precursor to harvey’s line of kiddy comics. like harvey comics (casper, baby huey, etc.), the artists of punch and judy comics were mostly famous animation studio artists who were doing some moon lighting.
punch and judy- joe oriolo
pinky and starry eyes- orestes calpini
larz borne and tom golden also worked on the book, though i can’t remember the names of the strips they worked on. jack kirby (who briefly worked at fleischer studios, which became famous studios) also worked briefly on punch and judy.
it’s good to keep important works like that alive. i guess that’s why m m was so upset about his minor clutter in that room... he felt it detracted from this historically important comic book.

HemlockMan said...


are those framed Walt Kelly comics, or just framed covers?

Does it get cold up there in the studio? (There doesn't seem to be a lot of insulation.)

Mark Martin said...

framed color copies of the actual comics. The interesting thing is, these are ancient color copies from The Dawn Of The Color Copier Age, and they are gorgeous and have lasted lo these 25 years (approx).

It can get cold in here in the dead of winter, after a few days of constant below-freezing weather. But usually it is okay, and in fact, yesterday it was about 38 degrees outside and I had to open the window! The heat from the wood stove downstairs rises up here, and it can get oppressively hot.

Now I have one for you - On what are you basing your insulation analysis?

HemlockMan said...

"Now I have one for you - On what are you basing your insulation analysis?"

It was just a guess when I saw the bare wooden surfaces.