I don't know about you, but mine sucks. I've probably said that a million times, but I can't remember. Ha ha. You'd be amazed at all the crap I need to post! Here's one now! Cousin Kirk sent me these great ambigrams during "vacation" week!

That reminds me: I forgot about the AMBIGRAM SMACKDOWN! I'm thinking we (me and Greg and whoever else wants to join) will pick a month in which to accept the Korean girl's monthly challenge (sorry, Korean girl, I forgot your name because my memory sucks) and send our entries to her. So SHE will be the third party who chooses the word. Then - hmmm, Greg wondered if the "winner" gets a "prize". Sure, I'll offer a prize, but if I'M the winner, who will send ME a prize? We'll also have to figure out a fair way for some jury to vote on the jabberous entries to that month's Korean girl ambigram challenge. I can't think about it right now because my studio is a wreck and other reasons too numerous to mention or remember.

That reminds me: You people are animals! Everybody who thinks this is low on the chaos radar and not whine-worthy ... I'm ashamed of you!


HemlockMan said...

What's an ambigram?

Colin Tedford said...

My room's chaos could eat your room's chaos for breakfast! In fact, I'd better do battle with it after this post so it doesn't eat me. That doesn't negate the whine-worthy state of your space, though.

I like the ambigrams, but I can't read the first one - Abittootfav? It looks way cool, anyway.

Kirk Creel said...

The first one is "A bit too far" and yes, it is "iffy" on the readablility scale. The first time I tried it I was so proud and my daughter politely informed me that it actually spelled "a bit oo far" so I had to frantically figure out how to get that extra "t" in there.
Hey mark, you need to drag out some of the old "AHA" stuff. Write me if you don't remember what I'm talking about.
Kirk out!