what th - ?


HemlockMan said...

Far better than he deserved!!!

Benny said...

Now that was back in the day when people "cared."
Today, poor Benny would have just sat there, because the crowd would have been afraid of a lawsuit from his owner if they didn't inflate the tires to the proper PSI, or if they used an abrasive windshield cleaner on him.


I miss "humanity."

greg said...

You mean like back in the days of the Holocaust and slavery? Or back in the days when women couldn't vote?

BonzoGal said...

Naw, Benny would have been stripped of everything including his wiring. And he would have deserved it for not DOING HIS JOB EVERY DAY like we all do. Damn his shiny yellow hide.

I guess Benny's trip was a "guilt trip."