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This is a closet in the house I lived in as an adolescent. The area to the right of the door goes back about 18 inches deep. When I lived there, it had shelves built into that area. My dad and stepmom still live there, and I took this pic when I was there a couple of months ago.

My stepmom opened the closet to show me all of the honey the "bee lady" had sent her. You can see it there in the gallon-size plastic zip-locs on the second utility shelf. That's a lot of honey, and the bee lady is very generous! But here's the thing that hit me:

I became afflicted with the Collecting Bug when I was about 11 years old. I had horded coloring books and plastic dinosaurs as a young child, but I did not become obsessed with collecting things "forever" until I discovered comics and comic books and graphics.

At one time, my entire collection fit in the space marked "about this big" under the lowest shelf. And I thought it was a huge collection! Certainly it was the finest collection I had ever seen. Nobody I knew had such a massive collection of comics and art. Pogo books, Creepy and Eerie magazines, Peanuts and B.C. paperbacks - I had it ALL, man, and I was preserving this important collection for the ages!

Now I have about a billion books, but I finally eased up on being so damn anal about them when I (finally!) realized it was more important to let my son dig through them than to be such a prick about taking care of them.

By the way - I did not arrange the cans that way just for this pic. My stepmom is intensely organized.


eeTeeD said...

"...I did not arrange the cans that way..." says the man who calls an off-angled seat cushion on the floor of his studio utter chaos.

HemlockMan said...

She's a can Nazi!

I've always been very afraid of people who are that organized. I can always imagine them making lists of those who will not be missed. (That old homosexual, J. Edgar Hoover, was such a creature.)

I've been slowly assembling a complete set of all of the Steve Ditko written/illustrated Amazing Spider-Man comics. That would be The Amazing Spider-Man #1-38, Amazing Fantasy #15, the the two annuals that Ditko wrote and illustrated. It's slow going, and I've mainly been buying books in fair to fine condition. The thing I like about the collection is that I will let anyone read them. I don't give a rat's ass as long as the person wants to read them, and I don't care if it's a little bitty kid who wants to enjoy the books.

Yes, I know I could buy the hardback reprints of the trade paperback collections...but there's something about that old pulp.

Mark Martin said...

eeT - I never said I WOULD not arrange the cans that way...

hem - collecting Amazing Spider-Man #1-38, Amazing Fantasy #15, the the two annuals that Ditko wrote and illustrated, sounds like a RICH MAN's hobby!